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Build and manage your own residential and commercial real estate portfolio with a team of experts and cutting-edge technology.

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Buy shares in properties

Browse pre-vetted co-owners and properties. Review and execute all LLC and co-ownership docs electronically and fund your investment.


Earn income and appreciation

Receive quarterly dividend payout from all rentals, extra amenities and services property offers including all and any updates to ensure value increase.


real estate investment management

Mobilizing global commerce with demanding infrastructure

Renesent invests in worldwide infrastructure to support economies bringing good and services to communities around the world.

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Utilize properties for personal or business

Easily book a stay in a property or utilize space that is unused for your leisure and business. Use Renesent portal to check vacant calendar days with no stress!


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Driving businesses to reach new heights

Our investment wing acquires and operates businesses with low overhead and high probability of solving meaningful problems. We mentor and manage business that we invest in assisting with sales, support and operations.


Renesent manages all leg work

Renesent team handles complete designs, renovations, construction, furnishing, marketing, sales,
legal, repairs, utilities and management of the property. Receive real-time reporting to your phone.


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Lifting neighborhoods by rejuvenating forgotten structures

Empowering individuals from around the world to build wealth in the fastest growing markets through investing in tangible commercial and residential real estate assets, mainly remote communities, forgotten or unused spaces and invests capital to convert them to revenue ready solutions. Renesent breaks down all the barriers for a global investor by preparing fully vetted properties along with background checked co-owners for minimal investment possible. Where most individuals hesitate to take the risk, Renesent takes away all the hassle of prospecting, running market research reports, negotiations and managing assets through and through.

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We manage everything and anything with your properties

From handling tenants, billing, legal docs to renovations, construction and repairs we take care of it all while you sit back relax and enjoy real-time reporting to your phone.


Top of the line pros providing high-end results

Our vetted and licensed contractors are ready to turn a dump into a modernized, up to date property with the most appreciation and rental value there is!


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